A Change in Priorities

I’m always up for an adventure, for a reason to visit somewhere new.  For work or for play, I am happy to see the sights of new location.  But, now that I have two little kids, traveling without my family just doesn’t hold the same allure that it used to.  When I had to travel for work this week, I looked for the quickest way to get the trip done and get back to my little ones (and the mountain of work waiting at the office).

Fortunately, United now offers non-stop service between OKC and San Francisco. The outbound flight is the first one of the day and the inbound flight is the last flight of the night.  With the family in OKC, I ended up taking a flight out and back home on the same day.  Leaving at 6:00 am and coming home at 9:30 PM made for a long day, but getting to kiss Amelia good night made it all worth it.

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