Branson, MO – family time

This weekend was spent in Branson, Missouri with my extended family. What a great way to make family memories – relaxing in a gorgeous cabin, swimming and fishing at Tablerock Lake, catching a show on the Branson strip and more. The weekend at the cabin was a Christmas gift from Troy, me and my mother to our family. Every Christmas, it seems as though we spend our precious time shopping for more “stuff” that the recipients probably don’t need. So, this year we decided to do something a little different. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a new family tradition. I’d like to think so. One of the great things about Branson, is that it is close enough from home that we can just take a road trip. With a dozen of us headed that way, flying would quickly have became expensive and not really any quicker.

Overall, the trip has been fun. Amelia has gotten to stay up late with the grown-ups! It makes for a long day, but I really like her getting to be a part of all the fun. Last night we cooked out – steaks sausages and brats – yummy! There was also plenty of corn to go around – three of us ended up bringing up corn on the cob. Guess that’s a nod to the season. Sweet corn on the cob, picked at the peak of freshness is one of my favorite veggies.

While the cabin is very roomy, we really could use one more bedroom so no one had to use the pull-out couch, which left a little (okay, a lot) to be desired. Other than that, I think the location was a success. Right down the street is a little corner market where Troy and Neal made some memories! Apparently, the cashier asked them to stick around after their purchase because he thought he was in danger of being robbed by another customer. Guess that was their good deed for the day – and they got a tin of Jiffy Pop in the bargain. Jiffy Pop should go well with s’mores tonight.

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