France 2012

We saw all the Paris highlights – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles and more.  But, where do I start?  At the beginning, I suppose.

the louvre

We were lucky enough to have 7 days to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Paris.  Good thing, too, because it took us a while to adjust to the time change.  In fact, the first two days we slept until noon.  Not our intention, but with 18-month old Elliott staying up until 3:00 am, we all needed a little rest.

Since we were staying a week, we decided to book an apartment.  The pros – budget, lots of space, washing machine and a kitchen.  The cons – no lobby service and, wait, soggy toilet paper?  That wasn’t in the description.  It was pouring rain when we they came to stock the apartment and apparently, their tote bag was not waterproof.  So, they set up the apartment with wet, soggy toilet paper.  “It will be dry in five minutes,” she says as she sets the mushy roll by the heater.  Yes, dry, crunchy and hard as a rock in an hour!  Gross.  After a call to the leasing company, they brought us some dry toilet paper and we were all set.  Ah, it’s the little things. . .

Rain, Rain and More Rain

It rained on us just about every day in Paris.  The rain could have been manageable if it wasn’t matched by freezing cold temperatures.  Good thing we brought umbrellas, although in retrospect  I should have packed warmer clothes for myself.  I think I was in denial about the weather.  Oh well, Elliott got a trendy coat and jacket as a souvenir out of the deal.  One of my favorite rain-related stories:

* The Eiffel Tower –

it hailed on us in line for the Eiffel Tower - the guard invited the kids in his stand

With kids in tow, we tried to leave our schedule pretty flexible.  Unfortunately, that meant going to the Eiffel Tower with no reservations, not our most brilliant idea.  When we left that morning, we checked the weather and, erroneously, thought we were safe without an umbrella.  After waiting for about 30 minutes, it started to sprinkle.  The sprinkles quickly turned into heavy rain.  Before we knew it, it was hailing on us!  Amelia said “what is this stuff?”  Fortunately, the guard invited Amelia and Elliott into his tiny little booth to seek shelter from the hail.  I still can’t get over how much Elliott looked like a little man, standing next to the guard, hands clasped in front of him, just watching the lines pass by.  I was a little hesitant to snake my way through the lines, as I could barely see his little head a couple of times, but I was just as thankful that the kids weren’t forced to stand in the hail any longer.  It wasn’t long before the hail stopped and within a few minutes we were stepping up to buy our tickets.  Our kids were going to experience an iconic site in Paris.  We decided to go to the second level, but not all the way to the top.

Trip Highlights:

Eiffel Tower 



The Louvre

Disneyland Paris

Arc d’Triumph



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