Germany 2012

I HEART Germany!  I was really surprised by just how much I loved Germany.  We started our German adventure by flying from Rome to Dusseldorf and taking a short train ride over to Koln.  After checking in to our hostel (yep, you read that right, but more on that later) we were famished and ready for dinner.  The receptionist directed us to a great local tavern.  Feeling adventurous, we ordered the sampler platter and some meatball-type dish for the kids to get us started.  I must admit, with liverwurst, bloodwurst, minced meat and more unknowns, it wasn’t a big hit.  But, the main dishes were great!  I had a schnitzel with fried egg on top – delicious.  Troy’s steak was pretty good, too; all in all a successful meal – and so much less expensive than Paris or Rome.

There was also a 6 year old little girl at the table next to us.  She invited Amelia and Elliott to play in the back of the restaurant with her.  While they couldn’t speak to one another, they could still communicate and have a ball.  Proof that a smile is the same in any language.  In fact, when it was time to go, Amelia didn’t want to leave her friend behind.  How precious.

The first German town we visited was Koln (Cologne).  Yep, this is the town that started Cologne!  The biggest attraction in Koln is the Cathedral – The Dom:


More to love about Germany

We did so many fun wonderful things in Germany.  We saw a lot of castles.  The part that makes me smile is that Amelia wasn’t really into the castle experience until I told her that princesses lived in the castles.  That turned her attitude around.  She was all excited to see each princesses castle – Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White – you name it.  It was so adorable hearing her excitement about seeing Ariel’s castle.


The Romantic Rhine

Isn’t it though?  Imposing castles, river cruises, sloping vineyards.  I loved the KD cruise we took from St. Goar to Boppard.  It was a perfect afternoon for a cruise.  We started the day by taking a train along the river from Boppard to St. Goar.  We then walked through the picture postcard town, watched an artisan do his woodburning (he even did some custom work for us) then hit the tiny little market for some lunch meat.  Some delicious flower-shaped salami that the kids couldn’t get enough of.  After buying our cruise tickets, we walked down the riverbank to the playground.  Troy, mom and I enjoyed sandwiches under a shade tree while the kids ran and jumped to their hearts content.  I was taken aback by the scenery – the backdrop for the park was a beautiful wide river with a castle high in the hills.  Did I mention how much I loved it.

Germany’s Hidden Gem  – AKA the best hotel along the Rhine

Looking for a place to stay is always tough for me, trying to balance location, cost, and everything else.  We hit a home run with our hotel in Boppard, Germany.  Hotel Ohm Patt.  I honestly can’t say enough about how great it was.  The owners, John and Karin, were so hospitable.  When Karin heard that I fell in love with this great little dessert, she helped me figure out what it was called then she printed off the recipe.  When I went for breakfast a couple days later, John had actually bought me some of this dessert!!!  Wow – above and beyond expectations.


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