Independence Day is truly a reflective holiday – one that makes me think about all the great things that this country offers us and the sacrifices made by so many great men and women.  Freedom truly is priceless.  Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live our lives in the wonderful place I call  home.

I think about the tenets of this great nation, such as due process and the idea that accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty are gifts from our founding fathers.  So often I hear people that seem to ignore that the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” is one of the things that sets our country apart.   I see people giving up freedoms for “security”, people taking for granted the basic ideals on which our country was founded.

On this most humbling holiday – I want to reflect on all that I love about the US of A.  To be thankful for the freedoms and rights granted to me as a citizen.  I hope you used the time to do the same – wherever you celebrated.

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