My Kids Were Mistaken for Canadians

One rainy afternoon, after visiting Sacre Coure and the Montmartre are we decided to visit the Rodin Museum and Gardens.  I was excited to see The Thinker!  But, Elliott wasn’t as excited as I was.  He was just hungry.  There was a café across the street from the Museum, so we stepped in for a bite.  My French isn’t great, but I could get enough to tell that they were not serving lunch at this hour of the day.  Standing at the intersection, we had four roads to pick from to find a new restaurant.   Par for the course that day, we choose the wrong road.  While every street in Paris seems packed with cafes and patisseries, the road we went down was desserted!  We walked about 500 yards before we found anything.  Keep in mind, we have a hungry baby (and momma) on our hands and it’s raining on us the entire time.  After getting seated we peruse the menu and settle on the most appealing dishes.  When the waitress takes our order, we find that (shocker) they are only serving drinks.  On to the next spot, but of course, it’s packed full, no room for us, and there is NOTHING else in site.  So, we traipse back to the subway station, giving up on the Rodin and decide we must find food.  We get off on the stop by our apartment and stop at the first restaurant we see.  Closed.  Next – closed.  One more and I am ready to call it quits and head back to the apartment for sandwiches.  But, ever-persistent, Troy wants to try one more place.  To my surprise, not only were they open, but they were serving food, too!  Praise the Lord!  They even had a high chair, the first one we had seen the entire trip.  Sounds like a small thing, but after corralling Elliott for each and every meal, a high chair was a welcome site.

The restaurateur, Georges, was a gracious host and his daily specials menu board had my mouth watering.  Amelia must have felt the same way – she wanted to order the rabbit for lunch and the duck for dessert.  Thinking Duck Confit might not make the best dessert, Troy ordered the duck for his dish and Amelia had the rabbit.  I settled on a seafood risotto and mom had the tuna.  It was all great, but Troy’s duck confit was definitely the home run!  The hostess then came over to ask how things were and where we were from.  She had bet her husband (Georges) that we were American, but he said not way, they have to be at least Canadian.  He based this on the fact that our kids were such adventurous eaters.  She then asked if she could bring the kids dessert and then surprised us with warm chocolate chip cookies.  A perfect end to a perfect meal.

The owner’s story was so romantic.  They had met when she was on holiday in Paris, from New Jersey.  They met, fell in love and the rest is history.  Of all our meals in Paris, that was the most memorable.  The food, the fellowship and the timing were all perfect.

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