packing time: travel distance ratio

You know what’s crazy?  When we went to Europe for 3 weeks, we took 5 bags for 3 people with plenty of room for souvenirs.  But, when I pack for a weekend getaway, I take an entire bag just for myself and its almost busting at the seems.  How is that possible?  I guess I just cut myself a lot more slack when I know I don’t have to strap it to my back for hours at a time.  I also take a lot less time to pack for a weekend trip – I just toss in whatever I think I might want.  But, when I am traveling internationally, I am very deliberate about every single item that makes the final cut.  I spend days or even weeks thinking about what to bring.  I spend 5 minutes when we are going a few hundred miles.  It seems the amount of time I spend packing is inversely proportionate to the distance I will be traveling.

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