up next – San Fransicso!

It’s time to plan our next trip.  Yes, already.  Looks like this time it will be parents only.  Troy and I are planning a weekend getaway in San Francisco, CA.  I’m really looking forward to some quality time away with the man of my dreams.  Walking in the shadow of the golden gate bridge, sampling some new dishes, riding the cable cars – all the touristy things.

We’ve been looking at hotels this weekend, trying to find somewhere that is a) conveniently located, b) clean, c) within our budget and d) available.  It’s surprisingly harder than it sounds.  The hope is that we can use our Marriott rewards points for our hotel stay.  If you aren’t already using Marriott or Hilton rewards but are interested in signing up, let me know (please).  I can send you a link and then we both get bonus miles.  I’m a miles kind of girl – that’s how we were able to go on our family vacation or Europe – using airline miles.  We’ve also used miles to go to Greece, London, and Hawaii.

I’ve spent a lot of time in San Fran over the years, but I love the city so I am always looking forward to going back.  What are your favorite attractions in San Francisco?  I’m open to suggestions on what to do this trip (did I mention it was sans kiddos).

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  1. Christy says:

    Great web page! It was a pleasure getting to talk to you tonight. I look forward to hearing more about San Francisco 😉

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